Clients safety and health is of utmost importance to us. In the studio, we have implemented strict measures to ensure a safe and hygienic environment.
More than ever, the world is online! Let the world see your smile and a stunning headshot of you! Headshots make a great gift for a friend or loved one and we can create an e-gift certificate as well for future use.


HK Headshots is the first professional headshots studio established in Hong Kong by Rosa & Daniel Photography. Whether it is for website, CV, LinkedIn, speaking engagement or personal branding, etc. everyone deserves to have a beautiful and appealing headshot. 


Contact us by phone or email and let us know your requirements. We will inform you of our available packages.


The photo session takes approximately 30 minutes. You will select your favourite headshot(s) immediately after the shoot.


Based on your requests at the session, we will further retouch your image as necessary, to make you look fantastic, but also natural.


Your final product will be your perfect headshot in high res digital format, for web or print use.


“Daniel – I’ve received the images — thanks.  Great ones.  I appreciate your eye, in another era, you would have been a Dutch master painter.”

Ivan Tse, President, Tse Foundation

Dear Daniel, Many thanks for your amazing work and support during this session. Without your energy and humour, I would not have been able to achieve this level of results.” 

Franck Collin, Managing Director, DFS

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the shoot with Daniel. He was approachable, genuine and made all the effort to make me feel comfortable. I never thought a photo shoot can be so much fun. He took his time to understand me as a person, rather than just one client among the many he has. He explained everything he was doing and asked for my view as to what level of retouching I was comfortable with. I am very happy with output. Instead of just getting one photo, which was the original plan, I bought 8 of them. If I were to do another photo shoot, I will definitely go back to Daniel, because he knows how to discover the me behind the picture.”

Angela Chen, La Prairie

“I loved having Daniel take my photos. I felt at ease very quickly with his laid-back mannerism. In his subtle ways, he identified my personality, and through skillful and articulate directions, he drew those qualities out from within me, and captured them on camera. Brilliant!” 

Tanya Bhakta

“Thank you very much for your professionalism, friendliness, guidance and patience which made the whole process so much more enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable than I expected. The end results are absolutely brilliant and exactly what I want. Thank you so much Daniel!  Much appreciated.”

Patricia Hui, Associate General Counsel-Asia

“Dan, you have an amazing talent, I couldn’t be more pleased with my headshots and you are a such delight to work with.” 

Jun C.

“Daniel offers an excellent service that is totally professional from start to finish – we were extremely pleased with the results.” 

Stephen Edwards (2013), Counsellor and Psychotherapist at Authenticity Counselling

“Lots of people are passionate about photography, but Daniel is both passionate and, it seems to me, very talented. This powerful combination means that the process is a pleasure and the results are outstanding. I wholeheartedly recommend Daniel to anyone in need of professional headshots.”

Stephen Edwards (2015), Counsellor and Psychotherapist at Authenticity Counselling

“Daniel is a true professional; I am delighted with the result.  He took consummate care in putting me at ease, positioning me and lighting the shots.  He succeeded in obtaining a great image of someone who has always considered himself un-photogenic.  The quality of the photograph is first-rate.  Hong Kong Headshots’ service is certainly well worth the money.”

Gareth Lugar-Mawson Barrister - Arbitrator

“My headshot with Daniel was an amazing experience. He was very professional, very considerate and he made me feel like a superstar. The pictures are great and exactly what I needed.”

Doris Spirig, Senior Consultant, Stanton Chase

“I had meant to get a couple of simple shots for my professional marketing collaterals without realizing it would turn out to be the most wonderful shooting experience in my life. It was as if your friend (Daniel) was working whole-heartedly to help get the best out of you. Nothing fake but the best out of you. I was tremendously satisfied with the result especially when receiving a whole lot of compliments from my clients and friends on the new profile pictures posted.  Thank you Daniel!”

Dr. Sabrina Tin, CEO & Managing Partner, E Spire Ltd (HRM & Education)

“Hi Daniel, Wow! Today was truly a special and memorable experience! I can’t stop thinking about the morning and now seeing the wonderful results….all I can say is wow and many, many thanks for making me look so good!”

Tracey Hamilton, Attorney, Jamaica

“I was referred to Rosa & Daniel by my co-worker.  I had my first ever professional headshot taken by Daniel. I could not be more pleased about the quality of the shots taken.The photography session itself was also a great experience –  Daniel was patient in guiding me throughout and I have learned so much from it!” 

Jessica Zee, Thomson Reuters

“I don’t think I’ve ever gotten as many compliments as I did in the space of two hours…not in two years, not in two decades. Thank YOU again for taking such great photos;  I was dead certain it would be Negotiations Nora all over again, and it wasn’t.”

Jessica Ng

“I am not a photogenic person so I was a little bit skeptical about the outcome of my headshot (regardless of how skillful the photographer is) but I had a wonderful experience and I am grateful to Daniel for helping me capture a priceless expression. My photo conveys my essence as a professional event planner: tasteful, calm, friendly, hardworking. Daniel also has a way with lighting which highlights one’s natural beauty. Thank you Daniel!” 

Diana Mak, professional event planner

“Daniel, I can’t overstate how grateful I am for your very quick turnaround and fantastic photos. The experience was also thoroughly enjoyable for me.” 

Vivien Teu, Vivien Teu & Co.

“It was a pleasure to work with Daniel. He made me feel relaxed right from the start and gave me very good guidance during the shoot.The result was some very, very good headshots.” 

Carsten Schmitt, Regional Head of Credit, Asia Pacific, DZ Bank

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Daniel for my headshots.  He is a professional with an eye for detail and assumed all of my perfectionism – without prompting – so I could literally just relax, have fun and enjoy the shoot.  I also am very pleased with the photos I selected.  In fact, my husband is planning to have Daniel do his headshots and after seeing mine, is more excited about his shoot.  I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone seeking to have the image they want to project to the world through pictures captured effectively.”

Nicole Wise Williams, Owner & Principal, Desert Flower Management Consulting, Inc.

“Businesses spend thousands perfecting logo and look; so why not invest the same effort into a portrait that captures your personal brand?  HK Headshots is relevant, professional, and committed to working with you to craft just the image you want – with exacting standards and tremendous attention to detail.  They clearly take pride in their work so you can take pride in showing it off!”

Joyce Wu, Partner, Market Strategy Group

“I was in need of a headshot photo for corporate PR purposes and was referred to Daniel by a friend of mine. Based upon what I’d heard, I went to my appointment with high expectations, which Daniel managed to exceed by turning a routine photo shoot into a lively and engaging clinic on self expression. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and I walked away with the best set of portraits I’ve had in years.” 

Brent Barnes, General Manager, Global Sources Ltd

“I’ve never thought taking professional headshot can be so easy & relaxing!!  With Daniel’s professional guildance, I had great fun and the photos came out really nice.  It was such a wonderful experience.” 

Jacqueline Chen Tabarie

“Daniel provides a thoughtful and professional service with a thorough approach and excellent results; particularly given the poor quality of raw materials in my case. His experience and intuitive understanding of lighting and composition are second to none.”

Jonathon Whitely, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Incisive Media.

“Daniel and Rosa were wonderfully relaxed and friendly, and made the whole process so easy. I’m very happy with the professional results. Many thanks again.”

Dr Lauren -Bramley, Managing Director of Lauren Bramley & Partners

“Daniel provides a first-class experience, I felt relaxed and enjoyed the entire process and was very happy with results.”

Matthew Stone, Thomson Reuters

“I enjoyed the experience having my headshot taken and feel I got good professional advice with no hassle. Also ended up with just what I wanted in the final result, and have already recommended HK Headshots to others! Nice to have this wonderful service in the “linkedin” age.”

Max Ward, Regional Director Consumer and Retail Sectors DHL Global Customer Solutions - Asia Pacific

“After 5 years of marriage, I can tell you there’s never been a photo of me that was worthy of the desktop ….. seriously – noone has taken such lovely photos of me before. Thank you again for your time and efforts with my headshots. I truly enjoyed the experience, and am thrilled with the fabulous results. I’ve never felt so comfortable having photos taken as I was in your studio under your guidance. I will be back.” 

Bobbi Campbell, Founder and Director of Women Media Networks

“I was looking for a professional photo to portray myself professionally to clients and use in corporate presentations. Working with Rosa and Daniel was an absolute pleasure, they made me feel comfortable, relaxed and the end result was an amazing set of photos. I would highly recommend them to everyone!”

David Vowles, Vice President GE Capital Aviation Services

“I was told about HK Headshots by a friend and was very impressed with the set up. Rosa and Daniel are extremely professional and they certainly put you at ease throughout the shoot. They not only give suggestions of direction, they also listen to your suggestions which I feel is very important. Also with their guidance and assistance I feel I have made the right choice of photo to suit my website. I am very happy with the results and would recommend HK Headshots and Rosa & Daniel Photography for any photography services.” 

Karen Milne, Clarity of Life Counselling

“Rosa and Daniel make the studio photo experience relaxed and enjoyable. The result was excellent. My headshot appeared in the appointments section of the SCMP and stood out from all of the other photos on display. Several friends have told me that my headshot has really captured my personality, a result that reflects the expertise of Rosa and Daniel. Overall, I was delighted with the HKHeadshots.com experience.”

Kevin Smith, Senior Advisor, Kreab Gavin Anderson

“Rosa and Daniel made the photographic session very comfortable and an enjoyable experience. They have an ability to relax you, and I believe this led to very natural shots, whilst catching your best features – not to mention masking your not so flattering aspects! I was very happy with the end results”

Jacqueline Moyse, Head of Organisational Development, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

“If you want high quality photos without hassles, you need to consider HK Headshots. Rosa and Daniel are professional, helpful, and make the entire experience a pleasant one.” 

Paul Bedell, CMO, Prudential Assurance

“I actually had fun having my headshots taken! Rosa and Daniel put me at ease and gave me some great advice while allowing me to feel comfortable and express my own sense of self.”

Tara Joseph, Executive Producer, Reuters News

“I really enjoyed my experience of getting my corporate photos done by Rosa and Daniel.  Since I had never had any previous portraits done, I was clueless on how to position myself and what would yield good photos.  Rosa and Daniel were very professional and friendly in their direction and diligent throughout the photo shooting and selection process.  They really captured the best of me.  I was so impressed with the results that I end up getting more photos than I require for the purpose!  Also, their turnaround time was very efficient and I was able to meet my urgent deadline with time to spare.”

Joyce Lo, Associate Director in Corporate & Investor Strategy, Sniper Capital

“Rosa and Daniel explained exactly how to position my body and smile naturally for a professional head shot that suits my web site perfectly. The experience was enjoyable and they really put me at ease throughout.”

Suzanne Harrison, Health and Beauty Writer, RED FEATURES

“Very pleased with the promptness, professionalism and results of HKHeadshots. Ever since having the photos taken I have received numerous compliments and have already used the photos as file shots for a number of PR companies”

David Jenkins

“Having tried (and failed) with a photographer in London I was incredibly impressed by the results of Rosa & Daniel’s efforts.  Their professional expertise, attention to detail and clear passion for their work combines to achieve an excellent finished product.  I also found them highly efficient and used the time we had very effectively. My only issue was which of the many great shots to use – quite the opposite to the problems I’ve faced with previous photographers!  Thanks guys you make a great team and I’m really happy with the results.”

Jo Mills, Partner, The Rose Partnership

“Daniel was a complete professional from start to finish and I am delighted with the results.  The overall quality of the end product is fantastic and well worth the money.  Daniel took particular care over the positioning and lighting of the shots, and succeeded in obtaining great results from someone who considers himself a not-very-photogenic individual!”

Nick Gowlland

“I was impressed with the professionalism of Daniel.  He made me feel very comfortable which allowed for some great photographs to be taken.  I recommend their service to anyone requiring professional head shots to be used in corporate brochures, etc. All in all a great experience!”

Steve Lewis, Managing Director (Asia Pacific), UniGroup Worldwide UTS

“Daniel and Rosa were a very professional team; they are both welcoming and focused and clearly know how to produce the best results for their clients. They worked hard to take our own comments and ideas on board and were able to create an image for our website that reflected these points. Overall  Daniel and Rosa were able to effectively create a very pleasant environment out of an often unpleasant situation – we really enjoyed working with them.”

Sandra Godbold & Carmel Huber, MD and Consultant, Atticus Legal Recruitment

“Rosa and Daniel made the experience of getting a headshot fun and relaxing. The final picture turned out great. I would highly recommend them.”

Melissa Crawley, Syndicated Columnist

“I am so happy with how the image turned out. Normally I treat the occasion of getting a professional photo taken with as much dread as going to the dentist. But in this case, because of your eagerness to include me directly in the creative process, not only did I leave with a great photo but also with a deeper -understanding of the art form itself.”

Shane Sakhrani, Playwright

“Great direction, great studio, and a friendly atmosphere equaled great results. I’m sure I will be using the photos for years.”-

Daniel Kelly, Engineer, Mace (UK)

“You truly took all the pain out of a very painful process. I was really happy with the results and look forward to uploading the real ‘Gemma’ to the world of linkedin and most importantly updating my anonymous website. I will certainly be back.”

Gemma Keogh-Peters, Founder and Director, Project 68 Asia Limited

“I have always loathed having my picture taken,and I don’t think there exists a single photograph of me that I actually like… I dread photo sessions with terror , knowing that I am going to be plunged into despair once the dismal results are available. I left  Daniel and Rosa’s studio with a spring in my step and a degree of confidence that I haven’t felt for a long time! Daniel is a true gentleman, immediately puts you at your ease, and the whole process is pleasant, educational and above all produces results that you will be happy with. I can’t thank Daniel enough for restoring some of my confidence and for his kindness throughout. I cannot recommend this studio highly enough, and have already done so to my colleagues.” 

A.F., Head of Regional Sales, Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services

“I had the pleasure of working with Daniel recently, and could not be happier about how he worked with me during the session or how he captured who I am in the photographs.  While I have had my picture taken by corporate photographers in the past, I wanted to get some pictures for my personal use so I could work more closely with the photographer and to have more of an individualized touch.  Daniel helped make the session relaxed and comfortable and was very engaged in trying to understand what I wanted out of the photo session.”

Thomas Kim, Head of Legal, GGO & General Counsel, Asia Thomson Reuters

“I spent a very enjoyable half hour with Daniel to have my portrait shot for business purposes. The whole process was very relaxed and easy, and Daniel’s approach to inexperienced models like me is excellent.  In fact, the very first shot he took turned out to be the best. I knew I was good looking, but even I was impressed! I am absolutely delighted with the results.”

Paul Leadbitter

“I have seen great pictures of a friend of mine done by Daniel and decided to contact him for my own pictures. Daniel is a perfectionist and very detail oriented. I could not have hoped for a better experience and would strongly recommend his service to anyone. Thank you again, Daniel!”

Andrea Edelmann

“Daniel’s service is extremely professional and he has the ability to direct you get just the right shot for your requirements. The session was very enjoyable and I am delighted with the end results. I will be recommending Daniel’s services from this day forward.”

Simon Ashton, Regional Head, Bancassurance Development, AXA Asia

“Daniel was very professional throughout.  He offered me a fresh perspective on my headshot and I’m very pleased with the result.”

Margaret Coates, Consultant

“Your professionalism, focus on details and just the way you talked me through all the steps to make me relax was expectional. The experience was thought-provoking – no exaggeration at all – as it made me think about posture, details and various “looks” which I can use in other public settings. Thank you so much.”

Paul Miles, GM, Nissan

“My session with Daniel for some personal head-shots was a great experience. I had been dreading the thought of it, but Daniel garnered so many positive and confident shots, I nearly didn’t recognize myself! I’ve found these shots have raised my profile in lots of different ways, not least on forums such as LinkedIn. Who knew that great head-shots, with the right lighting, angle and ambience could make such a difference. I’ll have to find an excuse to get them done again in the future. Thanks Daniel.”

Louise Titterington

‘Normally I’m not at all photogenic or comfortable with having my photo taken, but Daniel was able to put me at ease in front of the camera, and help bring out my best and show my personality for the camera. The results speak for themselves – he made me look like a CEO!”

Colin Priest, Ageas Insurance (Asia), SIgma Plus Consulting

“My experience with Daniel at Headshots was first class. From the outset, the communications before the session were excellent. The session itself was professional in every way. The attention to detail was impressive and the ongoing explanation of everything that was happening was both interesting and reassuring at the same time. I was very happy with the final results”

Ken Crombie, CEO, Trapezium

“Dear Daniel – Thank you so much for the pictures, with which I am delighted. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you yesterday. I appreciated the time you took to set me at my ease, and the skill with which you helped me look my best. I shall have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and colleagues.”

Paule Harding

“Hi Daniel – Aisha really enjoyed the special treatment you gave to make her feel beautiful in front of the camera. Thank you so much for the wonderful shots. We received them and love them. You did an incredible job. All the best”

Trudy Nelson

“Many thanks for shooting these awesome headshots for me which perfectly captured my character and expressions.” 

Elizabeth Chen, JP Morgan

“From the first phone call to the final results, Daniel made this an extremly professional yet very friendly and pleasant experience. No doubt, that I will contact him again for my next photoshoot. Thank you!”

Dr Frederik H.

“Daniel is an excellent and professional photographer. I had an amazing experiencing in the studio. I had high expectations on the pictures before the shoot, but Daniel exceeded them with ease.” 

Justin Cheng, Managing Director, IMC Financial Markets

“I just wanted to thank Daniel for this morning’s session.  It has been, by far, the easiest and most enjoyable photo shooting session I have had. The pictures that I saw this morning were stunning but natural.”

Delia Lang, Credit Suisse

“Daniel – It was a pleasure working with you! Thanks for making me look good and also feel good! You really are a boost for once self-esteem!! I have already recommended to my girlfriends also their mid-forties – we all need a miracle worker like you!!”

Hilde Gunn Vestad

“Thank you very much, Daniel – your photography work is simply stunning! The pictures came out really beautifully. More importantly, thank you for making the photography session such a pleasant encouter. I look forward to working with you again.” 

Martial le Cossec

“Thanks Daniel, You are a real pro – focusing on hundreds of small details that individually are unnoticeable but as a whole the result is stunning.”

Lubomir Hanusek

“Hi Daniel! It was so wonderful working with you this morning for Christa’s headshot! I truly appreciate you taking the time to warm Christa up and making the connection with her. She can be a difficult one! 😉 I love the photos you took of her and look forward to being able to work with you again in the near future for family portraits! Thanks again for everything.” 

Tiffany Liao

“I have read a number of positive reviews before I chose Daniel for a LinkedIn-style headshot. It turns out that these reviews are quite true! Daniel is a very professional photographer; moreover, he boosted my confidence effectively and comfortably when I was in front of his camera.  His excellent skills of, and great enthusiasm for, producing high-quality shots will definitely impress you. Just want to say thanks again to Daniel for his professionalism, which I am glad to recommend to people who are still looking for corporate headshot photographer in Hong Kong.” 

Weibo Xiong

“Daniel, Thanks for an amazing session though , quite an experience and certainly never to be forgotten!! Will definitely recommend it to others.”

Andrew Paterson, Zuellig Pharmaceutical

“Hi Daniel, Thank you so much for guiding me on posturing and taking these great photos, not to mention such an efficient post production. I like them very much. It is very nice working and talking with you.” 

Rina Cheng, PWC

“From the moment I contacted Rosa and Daniel through to the final product, I was impressed with the professionalism and courtesy with which they conducted themselves.  My colleagues and I will be returning to their studio.”

Sohit Khurana



“Dear Daniel, Many thanks – considering the raw material you had to do work with you did a brilliant job. Even my wife is very impressed, and that’s a high bar to meet!”

David Schlesinger, Managing Director, Tripod Advisors

“Hi Daniel, The images were very well received.The final result superseded my expectations. They all look astonishing! Very classy, respectful yet modest. Thanks to your great effort & talent.”

Charles Navarro, Interior Designer, CAD

Hi Daniel – You are a genius and I am so grateful for your help to make the whole experience so wonderful. I love all the shots and I am sure that they will help me a lot to reach out to my clients.

Monica Yu, Ethics and Business Development, ICAC

Wow! I love the shots! They look amazing. I was still abuzz late last night from the fun I had during the photo shoot, so thank you for making it such a memorable time. Thank you so much again, Daniel. It way exceeded my expectations 🙂

Soo Phen Kuan

“I needed great professional headshots quickly. I was lucky to find this power couple online. They’ve mastered the art of capturing your personality in the pictures they take of you. The photo shoot was so much fun and relaxing, it felt like having your pictures taken by a friend. Within a few hours I’ve received my link with my shots. They are fantastic and they reflect me and my best features. Just take a look at their showroom at Lyndhurst Terrace. Daniel and Rosa are greatly passionate and professional about photography. They want to capture the best picture for you and they do!”

Suzie Stier

“I needed some headshots for work, so I gave Daniel and Rosa a call. The photo session was a lot of fun, and it was a treat to see true professionals at work. I really appreciated how Daniel explained everything he was doing throughout the process. It was like taking a personal masterclass in portrait photography – and I got some great photos out of it too!”

Larry Yu, Copywriter and Jazz Singer

“Daniel was the consummate professional and I was very pleased with the quality of the headshots produced. The whole session was extremely enjoyable and Daniel walked through every single shot with me. I will highly recommend HK Headshots to anyone looking to have a professional headshot done.”

John Wu Zhiyong, US Depositry

“Vicky and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you… I was intrigued and fascinated to take part in my own dynamic photo session with a true image artist extraordinaire!  Thank you for the great shots and retouching work.”

Gordon Craig

“I have received the photos thank you.  HKHeadshots did an excellent job.  I can pass myself off as Cary Grant.”

Jonathan Harris

“Daniel, Thank you for the photo session. Jamie truly enjoyed it! I believe the photo was 90% your work, as how he connected to you, and the laughs and smiles were driven by your connection with this mischievous (or you see charming) young boy… All the 3 pictures … look fabulous.”

Robin Chan (Father of a 4 yo boy)

“Daniel, Thank you so much for helping Gracelyn take the headshot. I can’t quite describe by words how much we love the pictures, they are so lively and beautiful. Thank you!”

Yuki Lee (Mother of a 4 yo girl)

“I contacted HK Headshots to arrange photographs to be taken of myself to help me promote my new business/life direction … starting with my image. I was delighted and impressed by the lead up questions Daniel asked me, particularly about my expectations and how I wanted the world to see me through a photograph. When Daniel indicated that he had researched my new qualifications, that of a Trichologist (hair and scalp specialist) and then upon meeting him being coached in the best possible way of presenting myself with clever expert lighting, seating positions and photographic knowledge, I knew it was to be a great match. Loved the results.”

Andrea Clark

“Daniel has a great approach to portrait photography. He spends extra time to get to know his clients, he has strong people skills and he creates a relaxing, fun experience. I  was very pleased with the headshots Daniel produced and would strongly recommend HK Headshots to anyone who wants professional quality work.”  

Dylan Halterlein


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